Office Politics. Clarity. Change. Action

Find that sweet spot where working feels natural

tune into yourself and grow a career you actually enjoy

Work can feel as natural as your breath. Your breath feels comfortable most of the time. It's a part of you. You don't have to question or think about what you're doing because you're meant to be doing it. Your actions and decisions feel right. Your work can feel that way too.  

Have you felt alone and utterly defeated trying to navigate troubled seas at work? 

Perhaps you're striving for a career change and don't know where to start.

Or maybe you aspire for that promotion and are unsure how to get it.

Or you've been overloaded with career advice and your mind is still churning.

Let's simplify things and make your career flow.


Hi, I'm Ami Au-Yeung, I help people simplify and overcome their career problems with a fresh perspective. I’ll help you clarify, strategize, plan and organize with ease so that you can find your unique way to manage your career decisions - whether it's navigating office politics, a career change, or how to be more assertive.

Not only do I help people with this professionally, I've experienced these things myself, know what it takes to succeed, and how to make tough decisions. I’ve navigated through some wavy political workplace waters with tact and diplomacy. I was promoted 3 times within 5 years. I’ve changed careers 4 times and had the guts to quit a coveted full-time job to become an entrepreneur. As a career coach and workplace strategist I'll partner with you to navigate the ebbs and flows of your career.

Here's how I can help: