“You really have helped me grow more belief in myself and this new path seems less daunting thanks to you.”

- Ashely D., Entrepreneur, Toronto



“Thank you so much! I implemented some of the strategies this morning - withdrawing from a job that didn’t meet my objectives - and I think it went well!”

- Lydia d., Lawyer, Toronto


Risa FB.jpg

"I learned that I have the answers within me! Ami has a gentle way of encouraging self-awareness for personal growth."

- Risa A., Thai Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor, Toronto



"Ami is just awesome! She is very energetic and she pays close attention to my calls. I can tell there was no distraction every time we had a session. Ami is extremely organized and on top of her game. I'm moving forward faster than before. Epic experience!" 

- Javier Llerena, Managing Partner, Entrepreneur, and Coach, San Jose, California


Ami - leaf.png

"In just 4 months of being coached by Ami, I have shifted from being stressed all the time to realizing that I can achieve all of my life and career goals without the constant exhaustion. She helped me to face the uncomfortable truths I did not want to face, but really needed to, in order to move forward with my life. I was able to identify my top values and as a result, I have found it easier to make life choices and pursue my personal goals because I know what matters most in my life. Ami has made such a deep and positive impact on my life and I am truly grateful for her guidance." 

-  Anna M., Capacity Assessor and Entrepreneur, Toronto



"Ami taught me to look inside myself as a means of facilitating my future interactions with others. She helped me to grow exponentially and always made time to listen attentively and provide eloquent feedback."

- Kevin D., Project Manager and Energy Innovation Entrepreneur, Toronto



"It’s been wonderful to work with you over the past few years.  I’m especially grateful for the process that you created for forming student groups. I presented it (impromptu) at a staff retreat a couple of weeks ago and it generated quite a lot of buzz!"

- Joe F., Professor and President, Toronto


Ami - leaf.png

"Ami is very present during the coaching sessions. Her sense of curiosity to understand me comes through the types of questions she asks. She is direct and was respectful of my processing style. I found the will to do an action that I haven't done before, and that's been very important to me." 

- Francesca M., HR Professional and Coach, Expat in Indianapolis



"The [conflict management] session was a big hit and the coaches thought it was a great piece of work! CONGRATS! However, I am not surprised :) Great work Ami - I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to more."

- Mark S., Professor and Coordinator, Social Innovator and Entrepreneur (event organizer) 



“Excellent presentation last night...I certainly picked up a couple of "hacks" as well! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!”

- Sharon F., Credit & Collections Manager, Toronto



“What a night! An amazing delivery of a fun and engaging session. You are a master of your craft. You are such a good speaker - good content, interactive, and great time control. The old school flip chart worked wonders when the ancient projector caved in!”

- Hangmei, Sales Manager, Toronto (event host)



"Thank you, Ami, for being our guest speaker in the Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Older Workers job-search workshop series. You really nailed it. ‘How to Focus on You’ was the right blend of: we know you’re doing 'this' and here’s how to help yourself. During a job-search, it’s too easy to compare yourself to other employed people or to think that other unemployed people are getting more interviews than you are. The group exercises and moments of self-reflection during this session were valuable steps towards realizing that your own journey is the important one, and you explained in a very relatable, encouraging manner how to place your attention and value on yourself. It’s an absolute pleasure working with you.”

- Meg M., Educational Program Associate, Toronto (event host)



“Your presentation was very informative and helpful. I am definitely going to use your tips moving forward.”

- Natasha D., Lawyer, Markham



“The attendees were very engaged and energized! Thank you so much for coming out, you did an amazing job!”

- Jane C., Assistant Branch Manager, Markham (event host)



“Ami is a very experienced speaker in career coaching. I coordinated a mentorship program helping international trained professionals with employment support and invited her to deliver a workshop on Building a Positive Relationship at Work to my clients. Ami provided practical tips on building positive relationships with employers and mentors. We find it essential to have an expert, like Ami, to deliver this content so our clients will be equipped with quality knowledge for their future career success. The material was well prepared, and she’s very well spoken. I highly recommend her for future workshops!”

- Larissa, L., Program Coordinator (event host)



"Ami was always very approachable and she made sure each of us always had a chance to speak and express ourselves. I feel like the sessions helped me become more self-aware of my actions and my leadership skills as a project manager. One of the biggest challenges I had was receiving feedback without feeling like a failure. Ami provided me with tools and techniques to combat that fear of feedback and how to turn the negatives into an opportunity to improve myself. I highly recommend Ami to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and become more aware of their strengths and skills."

- Tanya M., Project Coordinator, Toronto



"Ami is a great educator, especially speaking about human development. I had the opportunity to learn about human resources from a coaching perspective, which specifically brought me more confidence while working in groups."

- Franklin L., Sr., Human Resources Manager, Toronto


Ami - leaf.png

"It helped to have someone who doesn't know me, and without an agenda to force me to explain my thoughts"

Rory B., Copy Editor, Toronto



"Ami was a guest speaker in the Career Seminar Series when I was a Humber College student in the Human Resources Management Program. She provided valuable insight from her own HR journey through labour relations, organizational development and change management. She is an engaging communicator who listens carefully to her audience's questions and provides pertinent career advice. Ami taught me how to recognize transferrable skills from one industry to another, and from one aspect of HR to another."

- Meg M., Human Resources Professional, Toronto



“I attended an engaging session. Thank you Ami for the great insights!”

- Sudeshna S., Learning and Development Professional, Toronto



“Ami was so supportive by providing clear, meaningful, and strong tips. Thank you so much.”

- Wen Z., Government Relations and Project Management Specialist, Toronto


Ami - leaf.png

"Ami's patience, kindness and positive guidance throughout exercises and coachings helped me to uncover answers hidden deep within. She has the ability to ask the right questions to help you realize answers you didn't know you already had!"

- Julia F., Teacher, Toronto



“Thanks so much for sharing and it was a great event! I personally learned a lot from you.”

- Maggie H., Lecturer, Interpreter, and Founder, Toronto (event host)



"Ami was very approachable and understanding, her passion for her work was evident in the sessions as demonstrated by her engagement with everyone. Ami’s communication and facilitation style were excellent, she used a mixture of participation group exercises and discussions to introduce new material and concepts, which was great as it promoted team building and healthy intelligent conversations amongst us. Her passion and commitment had a positive impact on me personally, I learned to be more confident in myself first and foremost along with many other valuable skills. However, one thing that really had an impact on me and was my greatest learning was the self-development exercises which allowed me to get a truly better understanding and sense of myself. This has continued to be a positive impact on me personally and professionally and I have Ami to thank for that."

 - Rishi L., Project Coordinator, Toronto



"What I found most meaningful was thinking about my core values and learning how important commitment is to me. The core values exercise was interesting and fun."

- Rob A., Entrepreneur Financial Industry, Toronto


IMG_2405 - Jess.JPG

"Ami is a thoughtful coach who guided me to discover the true values in my life." 

- Jessica C., Teacher, Toronto



"I follow and read all your posts. They are so inspiring and informative."

- Swetha D., Product Coordinator, Toronto



“Your posts are amazing and show up exactly when I need them!”

- Sage S., HR Professional, Toronto



“I always learn something from your posts, a new idea, knowledge or a different way of thinking.”

- Ying Z., International Account Manager, Toronto