Office Politics: Manage it to Thrive

This is a one-on-one strategic coaching program to help you navigate workplace politics.

You deserve to feel calm at work.

  • Because of office politics, you're afraid of what to say, who to say it to, and making the wrong decisions.

  • You don't know who to trust and spend more time covering your ass than actually working.

  • You have a difficult boss who's a micromanager, aloof or intimidating.

  • You have difficult co-workers who are dominating, envious or unresponsive.

  • Fear and paralysis prevents you from getting your voice heard in meetings.

  • You struggle to influence others and get buy-in for your ideas.



This strategic coaching program will help you get out of your workplace drama with ease and get intentional about the next steps you’ll take because:

  • You need a plan and tools so you don't get caught off guard,

  • Constantly covering your ass is a waste of time and energy,

  • Interacting tactfully with stakeholders is more productive, and

  • Knowing who to trust makes work easier.


you’ll learn How to...

  • Get clear on what your workplace issue is.

  • Understand your company's culture, and how to navigate it.

  • Enhance your self-awareness, observational skills, and how to be organization-aware.

  • Develop creative options to manage the issue that feel natural to you.



This is for you if...

  • You feel panicked at work because you're not sure how to navigate office politics.

  • Dealing with difficult stakeholders is making you feel paralyzed and ineffective.

  • You feel you can't trust your co-workers, boss or HR with your workplace dilemmas.

  • You've tried talking to friends and Googled how-to advice, but nothing has worked.

  • You know if you're unable to solve your workplace dilemma, you'll burn out, lose that promotion, or your reputation will suffer.

Not for...

  • People who aren't willing to discuss their role in the situation. It only takes two people for political behaviours to surface and your actions have an impact.

  • People who aren't willing to discuss their emotions or dig deep. We're human and will react to triggers. Building self-awareness and your political astuteness muscle is necessary.

  • People who want a templated-system on how to handle every situation.



what to expect

  • Together we'll address your workplace dilemma in 5, one-hour sessions. 

  • We'll meet in-person, over the phone, or through video chat.

  • Each session will help you become more deliberate about your next action.

  • Get ready to peel back the layers, do some inner work, and exercise your mental tenacity to find a career that feels natural to you.

  • I'll keep you on track so that you can make informed decisions with ease.

  • I'll help you look at your dilemma from a new perspective by holding an objective space for you to creatively explore and experiment different possibilities.


Who Am I?


I'm Ami Au-Yeung, I’m fascinated by human and organizational behaviour. I help people with navigating workplace politics, career change, and drawing out one’s talents to succeed. I’ll help you strategize and plan so that you can find your unique way to navigate your workplace dilemma.

  • I know what it's like to navigate in a large complex organization with multiple stakeholders having delivered more than ten organizational development programs at Ontario Power Generation.

  • I taught behavioural management techniques at George Brown College using a customized curriculum as a member of the Business Faculty.

  • I've had boss's that were aloof and intimidating, and successfully 'managed-up', and continued to grow in my career.

  • I was promoted 3 times within 5 years and changed careers 4 times.

  • I’ve navigated through some wavy political workplace waters with tact and diplomacy, and I can help you too.



Together, we'll navigate Office Politics and create strategies to resolve your tricky work situation. Work is such a big part of your life. You need to stop feeling paralyzed and take action. Share your workplace dilemma with me