sick of office politics: make the career change you deserve

This is a one-on-one career coaching program to help you find a career that feels natural to you.
You deserve to feel at ease without the workplace drama.

  • You feel yourself holding your breath every time you think about work.

  • You don't know how to respond when someone asks you 'how's work?', because deep down you're not content.

  • You've read career change books, talked to friends and family, spent hours on the Internet applying for jobs that all look the same, and taken countless psychometric tests - and still, no clarity.

  • Your mind is churning and trapped in analysis-paralysis, not knowing where to start.

  • You're scared of taking a pay cut, what people will think of you, and losing the 'position' you've worked so hard to achieve.



This career coaching program will help you get out of your workplace drama and get intentional about the next steps you’ll take because:

  • Constantly feeling frustrated is energy draining,

  • You're tired of mindlessly scrolling through job ads, and

  • You deserve to make a career change that feels natural to you.



  • Identify and manage your emotional triggers (and fears) to career change.

  • Build your patience muscle, manage rejection, exercise self-approval, and experiment.

  • Make informed decisions, take calculated risks, and adjust along the way - since there are no guarantees and your career is a voyage.



This is for you if...

  • You're tired of feeling numb, uninspired and dealing with the same old workplace drama.

  • You know you have so much to offer and you want meaningful work.

  • You know something doesn't feel right and can't seem to pinpoint it.

  • You know if you're unable to get out of this rut, you won’t be happy and your relationships will suffer.

not for...

  • People who aren’t ready to peel back the layers, do some inner work, and exercise mental tenacity to embrace the desired career change.

  • People who just want to be given answers. People need to build their self-awareness muscles and tune into their inner voice to make decisions that best suit them.

  • People who don't value effort and commitment to their development. It takes work and dedication to challenge your own beliefs and values.



what to expect

  • Together we'll explore your career desires in 5, one-hour sessions. 

  • We'll meet in-person, over the phone, or through video chat.

  • Each session will help you become more deliberate about your next action.

  • Get ready to peel back the layers, do some inner work, and exercise your mental tenacity to find a career that feels natural to you.

  • I'll keep you on track so that you can make informed decisions with ease.

  • I'll help you look at your career change from a new perspective by holding an objective space for you to creatively explore and experiment different possibilities.




I'm Ami Au-Yeung, I’m fascinated by human and organizational behaviour. I help people with career change, navigating workplace politics, and drawing out one’s talents to succeed. I’ll help you explore your passions and plan so that you can find your unique way to take action and make career decisions. 

  • I’ve changed careers 4 times, had the guts to quit a coveted full-time job to become an entrepreneur, and know how it feels to be stuck, overwhelmed, and trapped in analysis-paralysis.

  • I was promoted 3 times within 5 years.

  • I know what it's like to navigate in a large complex organization with multiple stakeholders having delivered more than ten organizational development programs at Ontario Power Generation.

  • I taught behavioural management techniques at George Brown College using a customized curriculum as a member of the Business Faculty.

  • I continue to make informed career decisions that scare me, which have opened doors of possibilities that wasn't even on my radar, and I can help you too.



Together, we'll Make the Career Change You Deserve and get you out of your workplace drama. Work is such a big part of your life. You need to get clear and take action towards a career that feels natural to you. Share your career change desires with me.