Thrive at Office Politics: Be Your Assertive-Self for quiet Souls

This is a one-on-one career coaching program to help hone your assertive style.

  • Fear stops you from expressing your ideas at work.

  • You panic at the thought of your ideas being rejected.

  • You regret not being able to speak up confidently at a big meeting.

  • You’re scared that you’ll be judged and criticized for voicing your true thoughts because you’re .

  • You struggle to influence others and get buy-in for your ideas.

  • You can’t seem to gracefully say what you think at the right time.



This career coaching program will help you confidently express yourself and get intentional about realizing your assertive style because:

  • You want to voice ideas effectively,

  • You know you can make a difference at work, and

  • You need to overcome fears of rejection to be productive.


you’ll learn How to...

  • Soften your inner critical voice

  • Enhance your self-awareness, observational skills, and know your blind spots.

  • Communicate in ways that feel natural to you.

  • Develop approaches to truly be your assertive-self.



This is for you if...

  • You feel panicked at work because you’re not sure how to confidently voice your ideas at the right time.

  • Speaking up in meetings is making you feel paralyzed and ineffective.

  • You feel like no one is listening to your ideas.

  • You’ve taken countless training workshops on communication skills and Googled how-to advice, but nothing has worked.

Not for...

  • People who aren’t ready to experiment, do some deep inner work, and exercise mental tenacity to grow.

  • People who want a quick fix. People need to build their self-awareness muscles and tune into their inner voice to be their true assertive-self.

  • People who don't value effort and commitment to their development. It takes work and dedication to challenge your assumptions.



what to expect

  • Together we’ll get you being your assertive-self in 5, one-hour sessions.

  • We’ll meet in person, over the phone, or through video chat.

  • Each session will help you become more deliberate about your next action.

  • Get ready to peel back the layers, do some inner work, and exercise your mental tenacity to be your assertive-self.

  • I'll keep you on track so that you can make informed decisions with ease.

  • I'll help you develop your own approaches to be your assertive-self and this may mean being open to use video recordings for self-reflection!


Who Am I?


I'm Ami Au-Yeung, I’m fascinated by human and organizational behaviour. I help people with navigating workplace politics, career change, and drawing out one’s talents to succeed. I’ll help you strategize and plan so that you can find your unique way to be your assertive-self.

  • I’ve been afraid to speak up for fear of being judged, criticized or rejected and know how to feels to be stuck and unable to voice my ideas confidently.

  • I was promoted 3 times within 5 years and changed careers 4 times.

  • I know what it's like to navigate in a large complex organization with multiple stakeholders having delivered more than ten organizational development programs at Ontario Power Generation.

  • I taught behavioural management techniques at George Brown College using a customized curriculum as a member of the Business Faculty.

  • I continue to refine my assertive style by being open to experiment, and I can help you too.



Together, we'll get you to Be Your Assertive-Self and get you to confidently express your ideas. You need to stop feeling paralyzed that you’ll be criticized or rejected and take action. Share your concerns with me