How Do You Decide?

Adults make about 35,000 decisions per day according to some recent research. Some decisions we grapple with while other decisions come easily. Why is that? Usually when our decisions are not aligned with our values something feels 'off'.   

What career decisions are you eyeing?

  • A new role
  • Start with a new company
  • Further your education
  • Accept a promotion
  • Change industries
  • Start a business
  • Change teams
  • Switch careers
  • Transition to retirement

Consider these questions to help you through your decision-making process:

  • What does your gut tell you?
  • What opportunities and options are available to you right now?
  • What is the impact if you don't make a decision?

A manager once told me that I have great judgement. I'm driven by facts, logic, and information. However, I didn't think I used much of my intuition. I have increasingly followed my inner voice and am learning to let go of the stressors that accompany the career decisions that I make by taking a step back and looking at different perspectives. I'll do this by making a list of my possibilities no matter how large or small. As I review my list I'll sit with each option. There's no judgement on how much time I spend with one versus others. I have found that making a decision helps me move forward and not be consumed with the 'what if' questions. Instead of 'what if or I should', try re-framing your language to 'I will or I can'. 

Dwelling in what has already happened is not productive. I've made my share of good and poor decisions throughout my career and have never regretted a single one. Each of those moments have empowered me to move forward as I have synthesized, reflected and learned from each of them. When we make decisions based on our values it tends to feel 'right'. What will you do to gain clarity about your career decisions? What are your top values?

ACTION: Commit to making career decisions that are aligned with your values.